1. Setup a computer with the same hardware as the computers you will be deploying to exactly how you like it with programs, user accounts, passwords etc. (the computer name and IP address will have to change later on)
  2. Insert the OSX Installation Disc and Reboot the computer from the disc by holding “c” during boot until you hear the chime.
  3. Select Your Language, press “next”
  4. Do Not Continue the Installation!  Select “Disk Utility” from the “Utility” Menu
  5. Select Desired Hard Disk in left Column. (Generally Macintosh HD)
  6. Select the “First Aid” tab
  7. Click “Verify Disk Permissions”
    1. Click “Repair Disk Permissions” if needed
  8. Click “Verify Disk”
    1. Click “Repair Disk” if needed
  9. Plug-in your External Disk to store the new Image on
  10. Click “New Image” at top of window (while desired disk is highlighted)
  11. Save Image to your External Drive
    1. Name the file so you can identify it in the future ex. Macintosh HD_2011_09_13
    2. Click Save. The Image will begin Saving... this will take some time (~30-60 minutes)
  12. When Image has finished, Select the new image at the bottom of the left column
  13. Select “Images” => “Verify” from the top menu (this is required to use the image)
  14. Your Master Image is now Complete!  Quit the Utility and Installer and restart.