Windows 7 has been installed on all the macbooks in the pc lab through Bootcamp.  The beauty of this setup is that we can use the mac partition to run software to clone the Bootcamp partition.  Winclone is a great mac based program for this task.  To get Started Install Winclone and NTFSProgs 2.0 to your mac.

  1. Boot into Windows by holding “option” when you hear the startup chime
  2. Select “Windows”
  3. Run All System Updates and install any new programs.
  4. In MSDOS Command run chkdsk /f /r
  5. Reboot Twice
  6. In MSDOS Command run ipconfig /release
  7. Reboot into OS X
  8. Open Winclone and create new image in your desired location (/Users/local/tmp/)
  9. Transfer Image to all desired computers
  10. Run Winclone on each computer by opening your new image.
  11. Restore your image to the Bootcamp Partition. !!Use Caution, Do Not Erase MacintoshHD!!

when the operation is complete you may Restart into windows or OS X