When Using Oracle VM VirtualBox many users will make use of the VirtualBox Bridged Network Driver.  This Driver will allow access to the local computer's network from within VirtualBox VM's.  


this can cause issues with IP address assignment in some cases where your computer will try to connect with both its own IP address (ex. and the VirtualBox Host-Only networks IP address (ex.  Windows will report and IP address conflict on start-up, and rebooting the router will not solve the issue nor will resetting the network adapter.  


Follow these quick and simple steps:

  1. Disable the Virtualbox Bridged Network Driver
  2. Reset your Network Adapter (Disable then Enable)
  3. IP Address Conflict will now be resolved and Assigned in Local Network Connection -> Properties -> Details
  4. Enable the VirtaulBox Bridged Network Driver

You should have Connection without any issues on both your local machine and the VirtualBox VM.  If you have issues still try Changing the VirtualBox Host-Only Network's IP address to conform with you routers address range.  You may have to consult your IT department, or more likely ask yourself to remember what you set it at.  

Where Are these Settings?

You can find the Driver enabled/disabled status on your local network connection by opening Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center, Click on your Local Network Adapter (wireless or LAN), Click Properties (Admin Credentials needed), you will then see VirtualBox Bridged Network Driver.  

When the Network Bridge is enabled you will also see VirtualBox Host-Only Network in the Network and Sharing Center.  Click on this link to see details about the network bridge.  Clicking Properties will allow you to change settings for the bridge such as the IP address used (TCP/IPv4 -> Properties)