3. Exporting your video file

Windows Live Movie maker is a simple program to get the clip you want, and best of all its free.  To save your video for use on your computer after editing simply Save Movie using the For Computer preset in the main menu.  

You will notice that when you save your project it will turn out as a .wmv file.  while this is suitable for playback on windows desktops it is not the most recognized format.  For this reason if we want to ensure proper playback on multiple devices we must use a common format, the most common are often MPEG-4 and AVI in computer and mobile device situations.

Note: ipads,ipods,iphones,etc... will need the .m4v extension when saving as a .mpeg it is the same file so no file conversion is needed just rename the extension, its just an apple thing.

For use on your computer

You can keep the .wmv file for playback on most windows computers.  If you plan to use the video in another program or on a Mac or Linux machine then it should be converted to .mp4 (MPEG-4) or .avi.  This Can be done with a variety of programs.  we will use handbrake for this example as it is the easiest and cheapest(free) solution for a simple project. Feel free to use whichever tools you are comfortable with.

  1. Open Handbrake, (download @ handbrake.fr)
  2. Click Source, Select your video file
  3. Change the destination to a location you will easily remember for the output video.
  4. Select MP4 as the container format.  (this is the most generic video format)


Note: ipads,ipods,iphones,etc... will need the .m4v extension when saving as a .mpeg it is the same file so no file conversion is needed just rename the extension or check the box at this step if you plan to use this file for apple devices, its just an apple thing.  most computers will still recognize the .m4v extension although some may not.

  1. Click Start,  Your video will process
  2. When conversion is finished your output file is ready to be distrubuted for use on nearly any computer and mobile device.  

For use in PowerPoint

Powerpoint will play multiple file types however it will vary depending on the codecs the computer has installed.  That being said .avi seems to be the most dependable on windows machines, while .mp4 is dependable all around except a few mis-configured machines I have run across.  I suggest .mp4, if you have any issues install K-lite Codec pack and everything will run smoothly as it should.


You can get all the codecs you need to solve any of your video issues by installing K-lite Codec Pack,  I Strongly Suggest this be installed on any and every computer you plan to use video on a regular basis.  


K-lite Codec Pack:



For use in a website

Most websites now will convert the video file format for you upon upload.  These upload engines generally accept .avi, .mp4, and sometimes .wmv.  If you are uploading to your own server you should probably use .flv for flash players or .mpeg for newer HTML5 browsers and the JWPlayer (strongly suggested over flash)


For use in a DVD Player

Simply Save your movie for DVD from the Windows Live Movie Maker Presets.  Or Use more advanced software to create custom dvd menus, effects, navigation, etc...