OsH Logo is Here!

The first concept is available in four variations with three background colors to choose from.

Print them, Share them, Post them around Town!


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White Version:

Red Version:

Black Version:

Black Extrude Version:


Read more to see drafts from the design process.


Draft Images

OsH Logo Design is a work in progress.  The first concept will be two tone logo B&W, reversible, With the Letters OsH in font similar to old English with more Calligraphy bases lines.  The Design will also incorporate a ornamental decoration under the letters to bring a unique profile to the Logo. 


OsH Logo WiP r3

New Idea!

OsH Logo WiP R4 BW

Monochromatic Version can be inverted for use in stickers and such.  


Then there is a spiffy plasma version for posters and hi-res applications:

OsH Logo WiP R4


More Fonts:

r5 BW






What do you think???